Rab Network


After processing and packaging, Rab products find their way into the distribution chain to be dispatched to various destinations and markets both in Malawi and other countries. The network of distribution agents is made up of facilitators such as transporters, retailers, warehouse owners and vendors.

Local distribution: In addition to the 500 plus local retailers in Rab’s distribution network, the process is further boosted by Kulima Gold depots – a chain of 90 strategically located distribution centres targeting the rural farming community.

International distribution: A network of partners in strategically selected zones facilitate Rab’s cross border distribution efforts, to achieve an ever expanding global presence.

Partnering for quality service

Through laid down company structures and procedures, the activities of all parties involved in the chain are monitored and coordinated. Information is shared through the system so that Rab and its various partners are well updated at all times.

The smooth and expert coordination and management of the supply and distribution chain ensures that farm produce and other production input materials reach Rab depots in good state for storage and processing, and that processed products that now carry the stamp of the Rab label of quality get to the marketplace in pristine condition.

The Supply chain

Rab’s extensive networks linking retailers, transporters, suppliers, producers and facilitators to the operation at Rab may also best be described as the company’s supply and distribution chain. Rab’s team of supervisors maintain vigilant control over this system to ensure that production targets and delivery schedules are met.


The Supply chain involves all activities that bring input products into the company’s production system. Rab’s close partnership with producers, buyers, transporters in these arrangements guarantee timely delivery of produce, input ingredients, product quality control and handling of other issues that affect quality of trading.