Employee Welfare

Staff Welfare

“Food, Shelter, Medicare and the Rab family“

Staff needs come first…

At Rab there is special attention given to initiatives that are specifically tailored to motivate the staff. Some of the staff benefits are:

All food handling employees undergo a medical check-up as a way of ensuring that employees are in good health. Rab also has a First Aid system in place through which all employees are treated – serious ailments are referred to major hospitals.

The Company provides medical aid for all members of staff.

The Company has an HIV Policy in place which protects employees living with HIV from discrimination or stigma. The Company also supplies free of charge, a high energy and protein Food Supplement Sibusiso (which is manufactured by the company) to members of staff who have disclosed to be HIV positive.

A staff canteen provides free meals to all our staff on duty.

The Company in its endeavour to motivate and retain staff, holds an “End of Year” function every year in December to recognise all long serving staff. Employees are rewarded according to the length of service.

The Company also assists staff to build houses.

The Company promotes education among employees’ children by providing Education Grant.

To ensure that employees’ skills are kept up to date, the Company subscribes to the TEVETA program, where tailor made workshops / seminars are carried out regularly, in-house as well as with outsourced training resource personnel and materials.

Employees are given special discounts when purchasing the company’s products on a monthly allocation in order to assist with their household expenditure budgets and to create a sense of loyalty and belonging to the “Rab” family.

During the farming season, Fertilizer and Seeds are provided at substantially subsidized prices to all employees in order to encourage food security at household level amongst our employees and their families

All our employees receive Blankets free of charge to help them keep warm during winter.