Corporate Social Responsibility

Reaching out and touching people and giving life a purpose

We realise that we live in an imperfect world. Disasters will happen, there will always be others less fortunate than the rest of us. We believe that Rab can and should extend a helping hand to the needy wherever possible. As a policy however we do not go public with our activities. — Excerpts from an interview with the Deputy Chairman, Mr Josyabhatla.

Charity begins at home

We believe in doing good especially in communities we are directly involved in and that includes reaching out to the needy even in our own work place. Our own employees are as human as everyone else and face many serious challenges in or out of the work place. We feel that it is the company’s obligation to respond in such times of need. For example in times of food scarcity, we support our staff with food aid so that they can help their extended families as well.

Disaster relief

We partner with government and NGOs in disaster relief programs. We believe that our involvement usually goes beyond a business arrangement. We see these situations as an opportunity to give back to our communities and our country – in the manner that we support and facilitate these programs.

Gift of the Givers Foundation

Rab also directly supports the activities of Gift of the Givers Foundation – a body that undertakes activities of charity and compassion globally. Through their programs we have reached many needy communities. Rab partners Gift of the Givers Foundation and other humanitarian organisations involved in
  1. SEEDS (Social Economic Empowerment through Development of Skills)
  2. Relief Programmes – Food parcels, feeding, blanket provision etc.
  3. Nutrition intervention
  4. Food security schemes
  5. Micro loans