Group of Companies

Rab Processors Ltd

Rab Processors Limited – the primary member of Rab Group of companies is one of the major forces in the agro-processing industry in Malawi having been in existence since 1983. Through the last 3 decades Rab has grown from a unit of a mere 15 employees to a nationwide strength of more than 2500 personnel.

A1 Enterprises Ltd

A1 Enterprises, since its inception on 19th March 2011 changed the entire dimension of the biscuit industry in Malawi. Since then, A1 has developed into a leading brand of biscuits known for its top quality, delicious taste and value for money. We manufacture a wide range of biscuits in a modern factory in Maselema, Blantyre. Our product lines can be categorized as follows:

Premium Lines –  A1 Coconut Cookies, A1 Marie Gold, A1 Custard/Chocolate/Vanilla Creams, A1 Glucose Mphamvu, A1 Yummy Creams

Budget Lines –  A1 Glucose Kachangu, A1 Choco Munchies, A1 Coco Munchies, A1 DiwuDiwu, A1 Gems, A1 Anytime

Snacks – In order to address the need for quality locally made snacks, A1 recently ventured into the manufacturing of Corn   Snacks which are of international standards giving consumers a broader choice between our products- A1 Yummies, A1 Ringies, A1 Stickies and A1 Pipers. In a short period of time our products have become the preferred choice among  snack  lovers.

Our continuous efforts to offer our consumers new, innovative and quality products at an affordable price will soon add some new products to further excite our customers!!!

Gift Pack – Biscuits and Snacks are packed in Gift Packs which are ideal as a personal / corporate gift for any festive occasion.

Top Foods Ltd

Top Foods Ltd was established in 2014, to meet the growing demand for cost effective and healthy food choices. The company produces Topsoy Soya Pieces – a hygienically manufactured, top qality, high protein, food product. “Topsoy“ within a short period of time has become one of the fastest selling brands of soya pieces in Malawi.