About Us

Welcome To RabProcessors Ltd

Rab History

Rab Processors Limited was founded in 1983 by the Jakhura family, whose business activities in Malawi date back over eight decades. From a small dhal (split pigeon peas) processing company, Rab has over the years grown into a major force in the agro-processing industry in Malawi and has gained an enviable international reputation in this area of business. The company has a proud heritage of product innovation and commitment to delivery. Our strength lies in our adaptability, giving rise to an unrivalled turnkey operations platform which actively supports the progress of our agricultural economy. We have worked closely with Government and Non-Government organizations for many years to help improve the quality of life of the underprivileged and malnourished.

Partnerships for Life

Nourishing the Nation

Our quest to bring wholesome goodness to our customers’ homes for over three decades has forged a close bond between us. In that time we have pledged that this bond continues to grow strong and ensure that our children and grandchildren may come to enjoy the same natural goodness that we have always trusted and enjoyed.

Growing the Nation

We have been at the farmer’s side for over three decades as they tilled Malawi’s soil, brought in their harvest and celebrated their yields. In that time we have come to understand their unique needs and have developed side by side in order to bring them a one-stop-shop on which they may rely for all their household and farming needs.

Uplifting the Nation

Rab Processors Ltd works closely with Government and relief organizations to help improve the quality of life of the underprivileged and malnourished. Our strength lies in our adaptability giving rise to an unrivaled turnkey operations platform, which actively supports the programs of Malawi’s agricultural economy. Rab also supports various school feeding programs and nutritional intervenetions carried out by various local and international relief agencies.