American Ambassador visits Rab

It was fitting that the Ambassador of the world’s leading economy, the  United  States  of America on this particular day should be meeting   Malawi’s   leading   Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) conglomerate Rab  Group  top brass. The   Ambassador, Mrs. Virginia Palmer was in her jovial mood and her  trademark smile was the first thing  one  would  notice  as    she embarked from her official vehicle.


Before her arrival I had assumed she will arrive with   pomp in a kilometer long motorcade   convoy of limousines and hundreds of those dark sun glass clad C.I.A. or F.B.I. type of   bodyguards we normally see in Hollywood movies depicting high ranking US government officials.


But here she was with none of the pomp I had anticipated. She greeted everyone at the reception area with a friendly “hello” before heading to the boardroom where she was to meet Rab Group’s Deputy Chairman Mr. Sai Kiran Josyabhatla and C.E.O. Mr Ahmed Sunka with some Managerial Heads   of   different Departments.


Taking   her through the history pages of Rab Group, the Deputy Chairman added that as a company, Rab Group is doing its part in complimenting the Malawi Government’s efforts of creating employment for the   people   of Malawi, Mr. Josyabhatla was quick to point out that currently Rab Group has a workforce of about 2500 employees.


He further   acknowledged    that Malawi being an   agriculture based   economy, Rab Group has devised ways of helping and empowering Malawian farmers….   for instance, offering better and competitive prices for   their   farm produce.


On his part,Rab Group C.E.O Mr. Sunka   pointed out on how the company has made strides in crop value addition by producing quality   export products, which earn foreign exchange for the country. He cited products    such   as   Classic Peanut Butter,  Rab’s  Super Faya   rice,   Sunshine  Likuni  Phala  and Rab’s  Malawi Toor Dhall just to mention a few.


In    her   remarks, the     US Ambassadorassured of her country’s    commitment    in helping Malawian manufacturing   companies, She mentioned organizations such as, the World Food   Programme    (W.F.P), Mary Meals, Feed the Childrenjust to mention a few who get funding from the US government, these organisations have been working closely with Rab Group in a number of ways like school feeding programmes. Shesaid the US government   through Feed the Future has partnered with Kulimagold, a sister company of Rab Group inhelping farmers in a program called SRAMS.


After the meeting, it was the time for the US Ambassador to see Rab Group’s pride and joy…its workforce and factories. After touring the factories, it was time for the Ambassadorto bid farewell to Rab Group Officials and employees. What a fruitful and productive visit this has been for Rab Group.


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